Hole 15

Playing Tips

Pretty as a picture!

From the tee, both sides of the fairway are tree-lined with a large dam in the distance. The dam can be reached with a very long tee shot.

For most players it is 3 shots to the green as you go around the water.

For longer hitters it is very much a reachable hole to get on for two. A long tee shot will leave about 160-200 metres to the green. Beware – a misdirected second shot can be in big trouble with both sides of the green sloping away steeply.

The only bunker on the hole is back 30 metres from the green along the edge of the water. This green is quite flat .

Pro advice: Another risk for reward hole.

Hole Statistics

Par 5

465 m

444 m

440 m

401 m